Done in a factory or is that D.I.Y?

Making things yourself is a big trend at the moment, mostly because there is pride and joy to be had in creating something. Our employees experience this too: Around 10 million times a year. That is how many scarves we produce annually at FRAAS.

Here at FRAAS we also believe that there is more value in the things you create yourself. However, since we cannot craft our high-quality scarves in our living room, we produce them in our modern facilities. Regardless if they are created in our headquarters in Wüstenselbitz, Germany or our own factory in China – all of our products are made according to the same high standards.

Several years ago, FRAAS built one of the most modern knitting mills in Zhangjiagang, China to manufacture some of our fine scarves. One of our textile specialists is Hank Miao, who has shared his knitting expertise with FRAAS for many years. “When it comes to knitting, you often think of cozy hand knitting done in front of a log fire. However, our modern machines create a knit so fine and so precise that no human could ever come close to achieving it by hand”.
FRAAS Production Thomas Ott Inspection

Then there is also Eva Vismann, one of our textile designers on our global design team. She finds inspiration at international fashion fairs, books, and sometimes right at her feet, “An antique tiled floor I saw on holiday once inspired me to create a fabric pattern”.

Master weaver Thomas Ott bridges the gap between design and production, “At the Wüstenselbitz weaving mill, we weave ideas into objects". Petra Bötsch, a shift foreman in the FRAAS branch factory in Helmbrechts, is there to make sure our scarves not only feel great, but are also a feast for the eyes. Fortunately, colorimeters (an instrument for measuring the intensity of color) can now be used, but she still prefers to rely on her eyes. “I have been doing this for 30 years. I can see exactly whether a particular shade is as it should be.” Perfection has been in fashion here for over 135 years.