Sustainability Edition

Sustainability is like a perfect scarf - it has to make you feel good.


Here, beauty is always reborn. At FRAAS we appreciate what the environment gives us: noble natural fibers for our scarves, the good Franconian water for processing and constant inspiration from the colors and shapes of nature. That is why we are particularly aware of our responsibility to protect the environment for the future. Now also with innovative raw materials: recycled materials that are reborn as new accessories. This is how scarves and shawls from FRAAS make the world a little more beautiful. Because every piece made from recycled fibers can not only save resources, avoid waste and protect the environment - it also comes with an extra helping of good feeling when worn.
This is the story we've been sharing for years, and these days, we can shout it a bit louder. Sustainability runs like a green thread through our entire company. Order managing directors, Alexander and Andreas Schmidt - now the 5th generation of the family - give you a little more insight.
Everyone must do their part in the fight against global warming. We're taking action in making our Cashmink quality a true CO2 hero!

Learn more about other projects FRAAS is a part of:

Peter Wohlleben's Jungle Project

Noble natural materials, clear water and lots of inspiration ... At FRAAS we appreciate what nature gives us. That's why we give her something back: We support Peter Wohlleben's jungle project. The forester and bestselling author has set himself the task of saving a unique habitat for many animal and plant species - with a reserve for old German beech forest.


Old beech forests are the rain forests of Europe.

And as in the tropics, things are very bad for them. Today we can no longer find any primeval forests in Germany, and the old trees are also becoming increasingly rare. Our love for the forest and our sustainability thinking, which we have always practiced at FRAAS, gave rise to this cooperation. We at FRAAS have already leased Buchenwald - every sustainable FRAAS scarf sold increases the protection area.

So that our world stays the way we love it, everyone must do something to stop global warming.