Quality doesn't just happen.

“It takes intelligence and determination to make something better.”We love adorning ourselves with scarves, not borrowed plumes. We did not coin the quote above, the British author John Ruskin did. However, it rings true in our own experience. What we always want to improve comes in large quantities: The 10 million scarves we produce every year. Thus, our drive for excellence can be felt in the exceptional quality of our products. 

Dyeing a scarf requires heat, dye, a fixative and, of course, water. Here in Northern Bavaria, the water has a special composition, containing chloride among other things. This is very important for us as we therefore require fewer chemicals to prepare the water for the dyeing process.

Our cashmere goats, on the other hand, aren’t from Upper Franconia, but from Mongolia. The distance the wool takes to be further processed is short, and the nights there are very cold. In addition, the cold has a positive effect on cashmere. Overall, there are twenty different subspecies of these goats – but they all have one thing in common – their undercoat is among the finest and most expensive animal hair in existence. It therefore comes as no surprise that scarves made from this wool are so sought after. The softness of real cashmere is unmatched and its warming properties are excellent considering the light weight.

However, since 1985 these goats have had serious competition: The synthetic material patented by us under the name of Cashmink®. It is just as soft as cashmere, skin-friendly, has anti-allergic properties and a silky sheen. Cashmink® is also attractive in price. But there’s no need for jealousy! Both materials have their own advantages. Both are beautiful to the eye and to the touch.