For us, responsibility is truly classy!

Sustainability is another ubiquitous fashion term. It sounds good on paper, but simply talking about it will not help anyone. Taking significant ecological and ethical action usually does not rank high on the agenda in the textiles industry. Fast fashion sees to it that goods are becoming ever cheaper while working conditions become increasingly miserable. We have always seen taking responsibility as a matter of the heart and we are committed to transparent production, even if this makes our products more expensive, putting them in conflict with profitability. And we do not just take responsibility for our products, but also for the 600 people we employ around the world.

Sustainability has many faces for us – from protecting the environment to treating our employees with respect – as they are still our most important resource. Many of them have been with us for years. We not only train, but also take on the majority of our trainees permanently. Of course, we place great significance on performance and expertise, but we never lose sight of what is most important. Taking pleasure in your work and receiving recognition are just as important in creating the perfect scarf as the selected raw materials are.

Those who want to ensure their production is environmentally friendly need to invest in their facilities. This is another thing we have done. Our use of state of the art technology has significantly reduced our electricity usage and gas requirements. Many of our scarves are woven, dyed and finished in Germany. This means energy and resources can be preserved at the production and distribution stage. Thus, our scarves look good, feel good and ensure an even better carbon footprint. As true Franconians, we hate waste. Our motto is: the best waste is no waste. Thus, we simply work as precisely and to the highest quality standards as possible. And we ensure that sustainability stays in fashion for more than just a season.