FRAAS Signature

The new trademark of the scarf company.

When we talk about a distinctive signature, we do not mean that the curves of the As and Os are very pronounced. Rather that it denotes a person’s unmistakable style. Fortunately, style is one of the few things that money cannot buy. It is the combination of steadfastness regarding core values and conviction that quality always supersedes quantity that gives birth to flair. And that has been our attitude towards the production of our fabrics since 1880.

FRAAS Signature evolved from our experience: It is a capsule collection born out of the ambition of a world market leader who implements the know-how of 135 years of scarf production. These scarves and textile accessories are made out of finest fibres and are well-known for their high quality. No work process or technique is too laborious for us to create the indescribable feeling when wearing our Signature products. We regularly travel to Mongolia, home to our most important supplier- the cashmere goat, for our opulent fibres and best fabrics.

Despite our extensive travels, our global attitude and our international store openings, we know exactly where our home is: in Wüstenselbitz, Germany. Here, our looms, our experienced craftsmen and our special deep wells achieve the exceptional finish of our world-famous scarves.

Signature does not just bear the FRAAS name. Every piece from this special collection, including a separate women's, men's and home line, is either made in Germany – produced in Wüstenselbitz – or made by one of our Italian partner manufacturers. This is something you cannot only see, but feel.